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Creating a blog allows you to share images, photos, audio and video recordings, thoughts, documents, you name it! It serves to promote a culture where sharing and interpersonal relationships act as the primary force for growth and innovation, to explore original forms and phenomena of aggregation and community. The key element is not the tool itself, but the originality of its use. To access the Blog using federated authentication credentials, users must belong to a YouBlog registered member entity. This service is made available by the University of Turin, and to access and use it, you will need to provide the following data: - Surname (sn) - Name (given Name) - Email address - Username (a string automatically generated by the system that does not contain the user personal data) - Affiliation data (this is a macro-profile of the user, such as Student, Member, Staff, Affiliate, Alumni, etc.) The element that sets YouBlog apart from any other Blog tool is that it was created as an institutional platform, and therefore we are required to know the first and last name of the person that creates, posts comments or adds articles to a blog. and blogging. Consequently, the name of the Blog creator and that of anyone posting comments will appear next to the name of the blog. The email address is required in order to comment on blogs. Should the entity you belong to fail to provide your complete data (listed above), you will not be able to access the Blog service. This page allows you to navigate only blogs made public by choice of their authors. For information on this service, please send an email to: To obtain technical information regarding the data necessary to use the service, please contact the appropriate department within your own organization. Data provided to the University of Turin for the purpose of using the system will be treated in accordance with the Italian personal data protection code (Leg. Dec. 196/2003). This means that the data shall not be transferred or disclosed to third parties under any circumstances other than a specific request by the competent authorities (judiciary, postal and communications law enforcement authorities, police agencies).


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